Red Squirrel Studio

Building lightning fast web applications

I'm A Full
Stack Developer

Based in Bournemouth, I build lightning fast applications and websites for clients of many walks of life. I'm at my happiest learning new technologies and applying them to create useful solutions to everyday hassles.

I started programming when I was 11 years old and have loved it ever since: starting with general purpose traditional languages like Python and C# and later going on to specialise in web languages so I could create a whole range of applications.


Lewis Raggett

Favourite language JavaScript
Favourite framework Vue.js
OS of choice Manjaro Gnome
IDE of choice PHP Storm
Listens to Modern Rock
Drinks way too much Coffee



What I can do

I can build a wide range of digital products for your business to make yourself stand out on the web or get things done quicker. I build applications and websites using all kinds of technology suited to build the best solution possible.

Web Design

Unique, responsive designs to boost your online presence and make users remember your brand

Web Development

Lightning fast, cleanly written code to make your page load as quickly as possible with all the functionality you need

App Development

IOS and Android apps to provide value for your customers and useful features for you to take advantage of